Chhhh – Changes.

New dog.

New car.

New contract.

2012 is only a few weeks old.  So I should receive awards for the number of times I signed my name on a dotted line this month.  Oh, January.

I wanted the bulldog.  This is Rocky.  He snores and burps from his bottom nonstop.  His vet’s name is Adrienne! {Like the movie.  Bible.}

It takes a special kind of love to follow this guy around with a plastic bag poised for "deposits."

I did not want the new vehicle /car payment.  But I had to have AAA jump my old Jeep to even get it to the dealership for a trade.  Ten years and 124, 723 miles.  But too many problems.  I was sad to say goodbye to the SUV that was my first big purchase.  The Jeep that witnessed laughter, sobbing, awful singing … and plenty of pirate-level cursing.  We’ve all done it.  Don’t kid yourselves.

Behind the wheel of beloved Jeep, aka "Barbie."

I’m thankful for a new contract at work, when so many are looking for employment.  I’m focusing on “setting the table”  for my next career move.

So January is all about clean slates – and in my case, check-yourself-before-you-wreck life changes.

My 2012 resolutions will start one month behind.  Except for the photo challenge.

Check out my first FILM { ONLY FILM! } pic of the year:

26 two week periods.  26 letters of the alphabet.

A is for "Arabica"

‘A’ is for Arabica bean coffee.

Caffeinated Cheers,

– K.P.


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