2012: Softer, Dreamier.

Happy New Year!

Are you excited about the prospect of that good ‘ole Reset Button?!

This year promises to be Softer. Dreamier.  At least if my Diana F+ camera prints turn out the way they should.

My new, lightweight, retro camera was my fave Christmas gift.

I appreciate the convenience of my digital point and shoot, but I truly miss the surprise of film.

The anticipation while waiting for a roll to develop.  The fun “Aw, man!(s)” when you first set your eyes on those babies, while trying to keep thumb prints off the corners.  Some good pics, some bad… (shrug).  Cue up the one with my eyes closed.

I shot a whole roll the first few days after unwrapping my new “toy” camera.  I have my fingers crossed they will turn out interesting.  Blurry is ok.

I’ve resolved to take and share one photo every two weeks for 26 weeks in 2012.  It’s part of the FILM26 project.  And since the cost of developing a roll is clutchyourpearls worthy after my stint with digital – each click of the shutter will have some breathing room.

What a motivated Baby New Year I am.

Looking forward to sharing my ‘snaps’ with you!

– K.P.


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