Tuesday Tunes – ‘Kite Flights’

Days in to this last week of February – and you’re already itching to tell your landlord, that obnoxiously loud person on her cell & the mail man who didn’t take your outgoing letters ONCE AGAIN – ‘Go fly a kite!’  (preferably in a dangerous storm a la Benjamin Franklin.) 

There’s still time to turn this week around.

{Look, there’s the sun through the clouds.  Eureka!  Happiness is not just a flight of fancy.}


So click this & Soar, Bitches: Kite Flights

  1. Dory Previn – Mary C Brown and the Hollywood Sign
  2. Here We Go Magic – Make Up Your Mind
  3. John Gold – Skyscraper
  4. Moby Grape – Ain’t No Use
  5. Mulatu Astatke – Yegelle Tezeta
  6. Luke Temple – How Could I Lie
  7. Capgun Coup – Twist and Shout
  8. Secret Cities – Aw, Rats
  9. Lower Dens – Truss Me
  10. The Sea and Cake – Middlenight
  11. The Depreciation Guild – Trace
  12. Hot Moths – Date With Yoko Ono
  13. Lee Ranaldo – Off The Wall
  14. The War On Drugs – Coming Through
  15. White Fence – Stranger Things Have Happened
  16. Margot & the Nuclear So & So’s – Dress Me Like a Clown
  17. Alexander – A Million Years
  18. Sufjan Stevens – The Upper Peninsula
  19. Belong – Never Came Close
  20. Caveman – Thankful
  21. The Soft Province – I See Two Eyes
  22. The Antlers – Corsicana

{you like? * we love * all music is for promotional purposes * support artists & buy the music}


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